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Yankees Send Down the Trenton Outfield

The Yankees cut five players today: Juan Miranda (I told you he wouldn't be playing first), PJ Pilittere, Collin Curtis, Austin Jackson, and Jose Tabata.

Tyler Kepner reports that Cashman has named Curtis, Jackson, and Tabata as the starters for AA Trenton (LF, CF, RF, respectively).

Kepner also speculates that the Yanks could choose to carry Chris Woodward or Nick Green to backup the middle infielders and pinch run, letting Ensberg also back up 3B. Woodward has had a fine spring, Green has not.

While that seems like a great idea, Woodward has 2 SB and 1 CS in the last 3 years (256G, 531ABs). Green is 4 and 4 in the same stretch (180G, 437 ABs).

While you could make the case that either of them would be a defensive improvement over Betemit, I'm of the opinion that if you can live with Derek Jeter at short for 150 games, you can live with Betemit for 12. Betemit's bat is as far above Woodward and Green as Jeter is above Betemit.