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Baseball America Top 100 Prospects

BA has their rankings up. It's the usual suspects for Yankee fans. BA puts a lot of faith into projectability (they give ETAs of 2009 and 2010 for 9 of their top 20 players). That's not a knock on the great work BA does, it's just a context to keep in mind.

Without further ado:
Joba ranked 3rd, behind Reds' RF Jay Bruce and Rays' 3B Evan Longoria.
For our Red Sox lurkers, the labtop thief Clay Buchholz ranked 4th.

Jose Tabata fell ten spots, from 27 to 37, but BA had this to say:

.307: Batting average in the Florida State League last year, all the more impressive considering he was 19 and had an injured wrist.
Austin Jackson is just behind Tabata at 41. BA puts those two AA outfielders ahead of Ian Kennedy (45).

That's it for Yanks, though Alan Horne, Jeff Marquez, and Jesus Montero all made the just missed list.

I'm struck by how little love Humberto Sanchez received. He was ranked 57th in last season's top 100 list and is scheduled to be ready to start pitching in the minors in mid-May. Dellin Betances was ranked #100 last season and also didn't get a vote for this season's list.