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Top Ten Reasons why Pfisty is Gone

Over the years, PA has had a number of larger-than-life characters on board. Some brought intelligence, insight, while others brought very little. None however brought more color, wit, biting sarcasm, anger, and rage than Pfisty!

Over the last few months, Pfisty has been absent. His colorful commentary about Cairo, Cabrera, Cashman and Torre has been eerily missing from the PA mix. His vivid, often hysterical attacks on some of the weaker in the food chain were the stuff of legends.

Some may be thankful for his absence, but I on the other hand feel abit melancholy. I miss the barrister.

So what happened to Pfisty? That's the question I'm asking to everyone. Did he finally crack and run off with Miguel Cairo to start that llama farm in Equador (a childhood dream)? Or was he busted again for a kiddie porn violation?

Take a few moments to come up with your Top Ten List of What Has Happened to Pfisty. CHANNEL YOUR INNER PFISTY ON THIS.