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Pettitte, Plus a Thought on the 40-man

Pettitte's press conference will be this afternoon at 3.

More interestingly, Cashman may have tipped his hand a little in a story about that other pinstriped lefty, Kei Igawa.

Cashman said the Yankees would consider Igawa as a reliever if he was among the 12 best pitchers available at the end of camp.
12 pitchers (Wang, Pettitte, Moose, Joba, IPK, Hughes, Mo, Farns, LaTroy, and 3 others) means 13 position players.

When position players report tomorrow morning, we know the two catchers, the starters at 3 of the 4 infield spots, the 4 outfielders, and the DH. That leaves 3 position players.

Shelley Duncan, Wilson Betemit, Alberto Gonzalez, and Juan Miranda are already on the 40-man roster. But when Andrew Brackman and Carl Pavano hit the 60-day DL that'll open up two new spots for any of the 20 position players in camp as non-roster invitees.

I figure the backup for the left side of the infield will be either WB or A-Gon. If WB figures to be the left side of a platoon with either Duncan or Morgan Ensberg, then I think the Yanks are more likely to carry Alberto for emergencies.

A lot depends on what Girardi is comfortable with, but Duncan seemed solid in RF last season. And on Melky's days off Damon can play center with Matsui in left. The more I think about it, the less likely it seems that Brett Gardner or Jason Lane could break camp with the team.

Does anyone know, do the Yanks have to fill out all 40 spots on the 40-man roster? Could they simply leave a spot open so that they don't have to clear anyone through waivers if a need arises?