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Odds and Ends

The Yankees added Morgan Ensberg to the 1B mix. The minor league deal is good news for Yankee fans, bad news for Shelley Duncan (who hit .245/.305/.434 after his first week in the league).

The NY Times has a can't miss piece on Brian Cashman.

Phil Franchise is changing his uniform number.
What number do you think Phil should ask for?

19 makes a lot of sense, but for a while the Yanks were working a 2 into all of the homegrown uniforms and I liked that.
2 is Jeter, 12 is available.
20 is Jorge, 21 I'm still holding out for Paul O'Neill Day, 22 is tied to Clemens and there's too many mixed feelings there, 23 is Donnie, 24 is Cano, 25 Giambi.
Jose Molina wore 26 last season, so that's probably available.
27 is available.
Melky wears 28, and Kei Igawa wore 29 but he'd have to make the team to get it back.
Elston Howard retired 32 and Mo is 42.
52 has negative Big Unit connotations.
Joba wore 62 and wants a number that adds up to 8.
Numbers higher than that shouldn't be used by baseball players. h/t My Pinstripes.