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One (big) thing to be thankful for

Our stadium doesn't have a corporate name -

As Citigroup grovels for a bailout from public funds, the Mets insist the name will not change. Not to give free publicity to these jokers, but as of this moment, the new stadium is still Citi Field...

New ballparks are a source of amusement in the Bronx as well as in Queens. It was recently reported that the Bloomberg administration had bargained 250 extra parking spaces to the Yankees in exchange for a larger luxury box and free food for the high-profile schnorrers from City Hall.

This disclosure makes it easier to understand why the Bloomberg administration was so compliant about the vanishing of a neighborhood park that was so inconveniently in the way of the new Yankees playpen. The city claims it will eventually put in tiny little parklets on top of garages, but at least the Yankees respect their brand and are not selling their naming rights to some shaky financial institution...

The Mets can do without the $20 million a year, since all they would do with the loot is recruit some other ghastly bullpen.

The 'deal' between the Yankees and the city is disappointing but not surprising. At least we can be thankful the Yankees won't be playing at 'Adidas/Coke/Microsoft/McDonald's Stadium'.