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Deciding to Decline on Andy

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I had this thought last night, but couldn't quite articulate it:  Andy Pettitte lied, cheated, and got caught.  The Yankees stood by him.

Last November, when Pettitte said he needed more time to decide if he wanted to return, and declined his player option, the Yankees waited on him.

When he decided to return, the Yankees paid him the same $16 million he had already turned down.  When that decision turned out to be fueled by Pettitte's implication in the Mitchell Report, nobody in the Yankee brass blinked.  I didn't read a single leaked comment from anonymous officials complaining about Pettitte's bloated contract.


During the season, Andy said all the right things about being a Yankee, about playing in the Stadium, about not wanting to ever play any place else again.

So if he wants to keep playing, it should be as a Yankee.  If he feels that $10M isn't enough "motivation" to return to the Bronx, he can go hang 'em up.  If he going back to Houston to be with his family, I'll completely understand.

But I cheered this cheater when he ran on and off the field, because he'd said all the right things and all that nostalgia was there.   And I'll feel insulted if he signs someplace else.