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Creating Flexibility?

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From the Rocky Mountain News:

The Yankees are looking to move two from a group of outfielders of Xavier Nady, Swisher and Hideki Matsui. The Angels, Texas, Oakland and Atlanta are considered to have interest.

If the Yanks are serious about moving two of these guys must mean that they are really serious about moving Matsui, since we need either Swisher or Nady to play right field.

I don't see how the Angels could be interested in any of our outfielders with Vlad at DH, Juan Rivera resigned to play left, Torii Hunter in center, and that other center fielder Gary Matthews (PEDs!) playing right.  I suppose the Angels and Yanks could be playing a game of 1B swap- sending Swisher to fill the gap created by Mark Teixeira's departure.  Could we get a guy like Chone ("sean" ha) Figgins to be our super-utility guy and legs on the bench?  Could we snag a blocked prospect like Brandon Wood?

The Rangers are a more interesting case.  The corners seem ripe for an upgrade, and with Milton Bradley on the free agent market the Rangers could put a bat like Matsui's in at DH (on the other hand, they might want to give the fragile Hank Blalock a chance to DH).  Swisher at first could displace the Chris Davis-Frank Catalanotto platoon.

The A's have an All-Star LF in Matt Holliday, and DH Jack Cust makes one of the strongest cases for 3 True Outcomes in MLB history.  They've traded away Swisher once- would Billy Beane want him back?  Swisher or Nady would fill the A's need in RF.

Atlanta is the most obvious trade partner.  While they are set at first, their LF platoon is fugly (wasn't Matt Diaz was a Mets prospect?).  Jeff Francouer was as effective with the bat last year as Melky Cabrera (OPS+ 72 vs 68).  Atlanta has been spurned by several free agents already this season, including AJ Burnett and Rafael Furcal.

The more I think about it, the more I see this pattern: the Braves are the best destination (NL vs AL), but the AL West is a decent place to hide an opponent.  So whoever the unnamed source of this information is has pretty much involved the entire AL West to drive up the price a la Yanks-Red Sox.