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In Cash We Trust

I know I'm a homer.

I know that it's often popular to bash Cashman. But he has proven, once again, why is ranks among the best GMs in baseball.

He sat this one out. Told the hold world he was sitting this one out, and maybe he meant it, too. If the Red Sox had gone to $190, maybe Cash would have shrugged and moved on with Nick Swisher at first. But he refused to set a number, and he refused to be used to drive up the price on himself or anyone else. It was stealthy, it was shrewd, it was calculating the cost of Teixeira now vs. a less perfect fit later, it was preparing to spend the money the new Stadium will bring in (and keep from being sent out [this link probably deserves its own post in the next day or two, I've been ruminating on it since I read it back in early December, and I think we've gotten a taste of how the Steinbrenners intend to enjoy their tax shelter- and I like it]).

Let's be honest- Teixeira's claims about wanting to be a Yankee all along aside- it's about the money.  The Yanks offered $12 million more than the next club, but that still seems (to me) a closer assessment of Tex's actual value than we would have paid had we been actively bidding against the Red Sox all winter the way Boras wanted.  And Cashman gets credit from me for not escalating this any more than necessary.  Let the Nationals make first offers, let the Angels give deadlines- we're the MF Yankees, and we're playing by the rules of the game.

So we have a retooled lineup, a rejuvenated rotation, and a chance to make a deal without an overwhelming need.  Send some cash, get a prospect or two back?  Trade value for value and get a bench player who can help in 2009?  Stand pat with a rotation of players in the outfield and DH?  Whatever Cashman does next, whatever plan he develops, I'm on board.