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Yankees land Mark Teixiera!

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In a surprise move. the Yanks have swooped in and signed Mark Teixiera:

The New York Yankees swooped in Tuesday and nabbed prized free agent Mark Teixeira, reaching agreement with the first baseman on an eight-year contract worth $180 million, two sources involved in the negotiations tell ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.

The Yankees had made an offer to Teixeira weeks ago, but then withdrew it. Their intention all along was to make a deal if it fell within parameters acceptable to the organization. They made their formal offer Tuesday.

The contract will pay Teixeira an average of $22.5 million per season.

 I have to admit that I didn't think the Yanks would pick up Teixiera because the Angels said he was a top priority after they traded Casey Kotchman for him.

When they pulled their offer, I figured it was a negotiating ploy because Boras is, well, Boras. I felt Boston pulled a similar move when John Henry announced that the Red Sox were backing off too.

But  In the blink of an eye today  Cashman struck. Although he isn't worth 180 million in my mind, Mark solidifies the 1B position for many years and takes over the # 3 hole in the lineup that was vacated by Abreu. His stats with the Angels were very impressive:

54 games played:

193 AB's

.358 BA

.449 OBP

14 2B's

13 HR's

43 RBI's

I had wanted them to trade for Mark back when he was on Texas two seasons ago because they could have acquired him  for a couple of their super hyped minor leaguers and he was young enough to warrant giving up premium talent, but they passed back then. Not today. I still think they are another bat short. Will Cashman dip in the well of free agency one more time to acquire you know who?

Travis G hears rumors that the Yanks will be trading someone. I'm no fan of Matsui, but who would be the #5 hitter if he goes? Who would bat lead off if Damon goes? They need to have a "protector" behind A-Rod to make this team work even with all the signings so far.

What a wild Holiday season it has been...