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Trade coming?

Joel Sherman of the NY Post writes that with the acquisition of Mark Teixeira, the Yankees will trade one of Damon, Matsui, Nady or Swisher (h/t MLBTR).

Each player has pros and cons:

Damon - best outfielder of the bunch, can play centerfield, good leadoff hitter, good speed, can't throw for his life, misses time every year with nagging injuries, wrong side of 30.

Matsui - best overall hitter of the group, worst fielder, wrong side of 30, coming back from a serious injury.

Nady - solid all-around player, had career year in 2008 with Pittsburgh, disappointing in the Bronx, just turned 30.

Swisher - can play 1b and OF, only 28, great plate discipline, good power, but will he rebound from a poor '08?

It looks that Matsui might be the one traded. He makes a lot of money ($13 million), can't play the field, and gets injured too often. The others are all more versatile, while Swisher and Nady are also younger and healthier.

[update 5:05 - no out-out clause for Tex]