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Tex vs. Manny

Jon Heyman writes:

Yankees people were thought on Friday to be debating the merits of Teixeira vs. Manny Ramirez, Boras' other available slugging superstar, and there may be a split vote in the pinstripe hierarchy. While they all love Teixiera's all-around play and character, Ramirez may be favored by some for his unmatched clutch hitting prowess, unique ability to tweak the rival Red Sox and to draw attention and dollars, but especially because he'd require a shorter term (perhaps three or four years as opposed to at least eight for Teixeira).

But the 'rumors' that the Yankees are still involved could merely have been started by Boras & Co. to drive up the bids of Boston and LA.


- A humorous 'discussion' of the merits of Manny Ramirez that ends rather accurately (in my humble opinion).