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A Rumor on the Brain

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I was trolling around Cot's trying to find attractive trade partners as Cameron/Brewers alternatives.

And this one I'd known but forgotten.  Vernon Wells' 2009 salary is 1.5M.  His 2010 salary is 12.5M.  And his 2011-2014 salary is 21M.

Alex Rios has shown himself to be capable of playing center and his money will run 2009: 5.9M, 2010: 9.7M 2011-12: 12M, 2013-2014 12.5M.

That's why JP Riccardi fights so hard to say that the Blue Jays consider themselves contenders right now- because the Jays have to chose between a salary dump and giving a third of the payroll to two players.  And I haven't even mentioned Roy Halladay yet.

Now I know all the reasons not-

In division, injuries, past prime, Austin Jackson, younger, cheaper, more athletic, CC+AJ, Tex?, and on and on.

And still I can't stop the wheels from turning.  If the Jays decided to move Wells today, what do you think the return would be?