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Put Me In, Coach!

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It seems that Rocco Baldelli isn't as sick as we thought he was, and that his disease is entirely treatable.


A visit to the Cleveland Clinic last week revealed that doctors had misdiagnosed his illness. Baldelli missed much of last season, and when he did play, he was limited because of extreme fatigue. Doctors thought it was mitochondrial disorder, which can be fatal. The Baldelli family told me tonight that the Cleveland Clinic diagnosed his condition as channelopathy, a non-progressive, highly treatable disease.

So let's float him an offer.  He will turn 28 at the end of September, still young.  And he hit .263/.344/.475 in less than a hundred ABs last season.

So what would be fair?  1 year/ $5 million?  2 year/ $8 million?  I think he's a worthwhile gamble, and a solid bet to beat out Melky and BG for the starting job.