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Dollars and Sense

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C- Posada 13; 1B- Swisher 5; 2B- Cano 6; 3B- Arod 32; SS- Jeter 20; LF- Damon 13; CF- Cameron 10 RF- Nady 4; DH- Matsui 13; C- Molina 1;

SP- Wang 5; SP- Sabathia 22; SP- Burnett 16; SP- Joba
RP- Bruney 1; RP- Marte 4; RP- Mo 15

That totals up to 180 as is. Adding Pettitte brings it to 190- over the rumored budget goal of $180. That's why the Yanks are looking for a little money to come back (or unload) along with Mike Cameron.

Loyal poster NumberSeven points out that CBSSports reports the Cameron deal "fell apart" over money.

I don't know what the magic number is, but until we see how the numbers and players shake out on the salary side, it's hard to talk about centerfield at anything other than a discount. Maybe once Cash gets back from his talk with Andy and we know who our 4th and 5th starters are, maybe then another CF deal will open up.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Don't get distracted by the bats starting to sign.

Update: On again.

Perhaps as early as tomorrow, the deal could be completed, with perhaps a second player coming back to the Brewers from the Yankees. Melvin said the financial aspects of the deal had been settled but talks continued on a second player coming from New York.

I know Cameron k's a ton. But he's still an above average offensive player. On the other hand, I would like to remind the world that Melky put up .249/.301/.341 last season (that's 68 OPS+).

And defensively, Cameron was better than Melky last season according to FRAA, but PMR says Cameron was about the same amount worse. Let's call that a push.

So Cameron is better offensively and about equal defensively. Even if Cameron suffers a fair offensive or defensive decline I think the 2009 Yanks are better off with Cameron in CF.