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Yankees "Upgrade" in Centerfield

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This just in ... Yankees appear close to adding Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera.

Although I'm still abit giddy over the CC deal, adding a soon to be 36 year old right-handed hitting centerfielder who strikes out 140+ times a year, and sports a "robust" .331 OBP over a 23 year old, who had a poor showing last season smacks of a desperate and unnecessary move, in my opinion.

Melky may not be the centerfielder of the future for the Yankees, but it's hard to fathom that Cameron represents much--if any upgrade at all. Melky is demonstratively younger, a switch-hitter who makes more contact, is a base-stealing threat, and has a similar OBP.

I think giving up on Cabrera at 23 will come back to haunt the Yankees ...