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Chances for Landing Peavy Getting Better?

According to's Mike Scarr, the Yankees seem in better position than ever to land Jake Peavy, a 27 year-old Cy Young winner. According to the report, the Yankees are dangling Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Austin Jackson.

If true, I'd do this deal in a heartbeat on the condition that I could ink Peavy to an extension within 48 hours. This is a no-brainer--especially given the lost season's both Hughes and Kennedy endured in 2008. Jackson is the intrigue in this deal as I'm not sure I buy the same Yankee hype that had me seeing 15 wins from Hughes and Kennedy last season. Both washed out and frankly appear to be far less than spectacular. Should I believe Jackson is any different?

Can anyone say Jose Tabata?

We seem light on MLB ready position players, and we need proven starting pitching. Given the Yankees less than upfront approach to promoting their "stars" I have serious concerns and suspect Jackson is less Carl Crawford and more Willie Crawford.

Given the depth of our farm pitching, jettisoning two enigmatic starters to the left coast makes sense, and in fact might be just what the doctor ordered. We'd get a stud starter and the Padres would land two young pitchers with upside--who might thrive in the Southern CA sun.