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Worst Case Scenario

Via MLBTR, Phil Rogers speculates that failing to sign any of CC, AJ, or Lowe could bring chaos to the Bronx.  It's a panicky sentiment I've seen brought up on several different blog.

While that's easy way to view things, I don't think this "worst case scenario" is really the worst thing that could happen.

The Yankees received just under 900IP from the starters this season.

We lock Joba and Wang into the rotation.  They contributed 200 innings in 2008, and ideally Wang will be back to 200 IP in 2009, while Joba pushes toward 150IP.

Bringing Pettitte back becomes a priority.  He topped 200 innings for the 4 straight season while dealing with a sore elbow.  So pencil him in for 30 starts and 180 IP.

So our horses have us to 530 of 900 IP.

Then there are the second (or third?) tier of pitchers in this free agent class.

Jon Garland had a terrible year and posted a 1.51 WHIP.  But he pitched 196.2 innings with only 59 walks.

Braden Looper had his best season yet, using his sinker to record 199 innings, 45 walks and a 1.31 WHIP.

Ben Sheets is the big gamble- ace stuff, but this is the first time in the last four seasons he's made more than 25 starts.

And the money the Yanks save on CC should go toward bringing Tex to the Bronx.  He'll be overpaid, but I'd rather have Teixeira on the team for 9 years than have Manny here for four.

Obviously, the Canyon of Heroes moves farther away if this happens, but it doesn't make a playoff run or a title impossible.