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Orlando Hudson Makes Some Sense


Jon Heyman says that the Yankees are considering free agent 2B Orlando Hudson.

The Yankees might have to consider some rejiggering as well, since they currently have the talented Robinson Cano at second base. While they could consider moving Cano to first base, the more likely scenario would be to trade Cano, either for a centerfielder (how about David DeJesus, who may be expendable now that the Royals have Coco Crisp) or a pitcher.

With Hudson likely to command upward of $50 million over 5 years despite a dislocated bone in his left wrist.  In addition to the concerns about his bat, it gives me concerns about his ability to hang in the pivot on the double play.  Just like when a catcher misses time after a collision, or when a pitcher gets hit by a batted ball, I want to see Hudson make the plays before I really trust him.

David DeJesus is what he is, a decent centerfielder who will turn 29 in a month, though he is economically signed for the next three seasons (3.6, 4.7, and an option for 6).  But Cano is 3 years younger and scheduled to make, 6, 9, 10 with options at 14 and 15.

I think Brian Cashman has to kick the tires on Hudson, with a price ceiling in mind.  If Hudson wants to play for the Yankees, then flipping Cano for pitching or moving him to first or right field makes sense.

Could the Yanks put Cano (rather than Hughes) at the center of a Peavy deal?  I doubt it.  What other teams have young pitching and are in the market for a 2B?