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Will Swisher prevent a play for Tex?

Brian Cashman intimated that Nick Swisher would be the everyday first-baseman in 2009. He's a switch-hitter with good patience and power, and plays better defense than any Yankee first-baseman since Tino Martinez. He also 'plays' centerfield, and I use quotes because he is rather sub-par out there.

It would be a mistake to allow this trade to prevent the Yanks from going after the best all-around player on the market.

Cash might be thinking about the future, when Posada, Arod (and maybe even Montero) will need a place to play. In that case, it doens't make sense to give Tex a 10-year deal, but they should still remain open to 6-7 years.


- If you have a chance, check out Yankees Hot Stove on YES. Real good show. The writers don't seem as 'douchey' as they do in print (except for George King). By the way, does anyone blink more than Tyler Kepner?


- Phil Hughes' latest start: 5 ip, 2 h, 0 r, 1 bb, 6 k.