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Quick links re: Nick Swisher deal

A look at the prospects in the deal.

- Swisher's career: first round pick in 2002, debuted in 2004, very good OBP and good power. Won't hit for average and will strike out. Turns 28 on November 25th. Bill James (for what it's worth) projects an .810 OPS for Swisher in 2009. He also has a positive WPA for his career (I love those type of guys). Signed through 2011 with a 2012 club option.

- Wilson Betemit: good power and decent patience (when he plays everyday), can play every infield position. Just turned 27. Should be a solid player with consistent playing time. Projects to a .771 OPS. Arbitration eligible.

- (The other) Texeira's career: nice HR, groundball and K rate.

Jeff Marquez: groundball pitcher but low K rate.

Jhonny Nunez: good K rate but lots of fly balls.