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Yankees Sign Mitre

To my chagrin I missed this during the week, and only caught it on MLB Trade Rumors' weekly roundup.

The Yankees have signed former Marlin and current TJ recoveree Sirge Mitre to a one year deal with a team option for 2010.   Mitre is one of the young guns that Girardi 'ruined' in Florida.

Due to the severe surgery on his right elbow, Mitre may not be ready to pitch until midseason, according to his agent, Matt Sosnick. Normal recovery time from Tommy John surgery is 12-18 months.

He'll make 1.25 million this year.  They're calling it a "split" contract, so I assume that 1.25 is pro-rated for the time he spends in the bigs.

I think this is an astute move by Cash.  The option prevents a repeat of the Octavio Dotel mess.  And that Mitre could start or relieve allows us to fill whichever is a need (it'll be the rotation).

The worst case scenario is that Mitre takes Sidney Ponson's meaningless innings.  Break even is that the Yanks play well enough and stay healthy enough that they never really need him.  And if Mitre contributes to a playoff run, I want it noted that on November 10th, I made the first Jon Lieber comparison.