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1. CC Sabathia - maybe the best free agent pitcher since Randy Johnson in 1998.

2. Mark Teixeira - an all-around first-baseman? We haven't seen one of those in years.

3. Manny Ramirez - capable of carrying a team for months, one of the best hitters of this generation, and not that bad of a defender (at least compared to Abreu).


- When I drove home last night, I parked in front of a bar down the street. Fortunately, a spot closer to my house opened up soon thereafter, and knowing what fans normally do after winning a title, I moved my car to the new spot before it got claimed. Good thing I did, as it was crazy here in Philly last night. Bar patrons were setting off fireworks right outside the bar. Partying and drinking went on for several hours following the win. Screams of joy and cars honking continued through most of the night. It made me wish for a Yankee victory in the Series next year that much greater (and also grateful that a better parking spot opened up).


Two minor league tidbits:

- Switch-pitcher Pat Venditte was named the top reliever in short-season ball. A lot of 'experts' think he's just a novelty, but I believe he has a real chance to a be a solid major league reliever. Platoon splits are real and nearly universal.

- The Trenton Thunder were named the top Double-A team in the minors (with a lot of help from Austin Jackson and Mark Melancon).