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Weather, time, umps and Selig combine for poor Series

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by Jeff Passan -

This World Series is unsalvageable. It is a disaster borne of people who think cowbells and haircuts make them fans, owners who are so greedy that they accept late-October baseball and late-evening start times, and a commissioner who unilaterally changes a rule while he’s carrying the book in his left hand.

Let me just say that Bud Selig is a moron. From the strike to a (poorly modified) revenue sharing system to expansion teams that no one cares about to horrible marketing to the steroids mess and it's ensuing 'investigation', Selig has been an awful commissioner that can't retire soon enough.

- The umpires admitted to more blown calls. Maybe it'll be a blessing in disguise as it pushes the owners to accept a form of video review next season.