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Oct. 23 news round-up

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- Mike Cameron is on the Yanks radar. No thanks. He's 36 years old, strikes out a ton, and has hit just .242 with a .330 OBP the last two years.

- Grass went down recently in the new Stadium. It's getting there...

A good recap of the season with each player's monetary value listed. Only one position player had a positive value (and he only spent two months with the club).

- Darryl Strawberry warned Joba Chamberlain not to 'be like me'. Straw was on his way to the Hall of Fame but got derailed by drugs. Hopefully Joba learns his lesson and can put this behind him. (It was either a taunt or a cell phone camera that exacerbated the situation.)

- The Yankees teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys to start a 'stadium operations company'. It basically means they'll cut out the 'middle-man' (just like they did with the YES Network) and sell concessions and memorabilia on their own.