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Should the Yanks consider Milton Bradley?

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We all know about Milton's volatile personality and he's a little injury prone, but is an incredible talent both offensively and defensively and is still young at 31. I think the Yanks should take a look at him because I doubt he'll be able to demand a lengthy contract with his history and might be worth the risk if he is signed to a short term deal. If Cashman can structure the contract with club options with incentives it might help calm the guy down. (He is seeking a long term deal in Texas.) The Yankees are sorely lacking in the offense department and he'd be a big time bat that would replace Abreu easliy, but he won't be worring about the right field fence when he goes back on a ball and does have a great arm.

Milton's stats: .436 OBP, 80BB's, 22 HR's, 77 RBI's, .321 BA in 127 games and until his injury was having an MVP type season.

If you look at the free agent class of outfielders, it is very weak this year and unless they pull off a major trade I don't see how they can upgrade the power numbers at center or right. They can live with Damon in left, but Austin Jackson isn't ready yet, Melky is Melky and while I love Gardner's speed, he doesn't hit well enough yet to risk him as an opening day player.

I know I'm dreaming here, but I would love for the Yanks to try to take a shot at Ichiro if Seattle would consider moving him. They could include Matsui in the deal to satisfy their huge Japanese following too although his bad knee is not helping his value at all. Ichiro could play center or right with the best of them and would slip right into the # 3 hole.

There are so many trouble spots for this team that we will have a lot to talk about in the coming months that's for sure...