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The Deal(s) I'd Make

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Multiple sources consider it likely the Padres will deal Peavy in the weeks ahead, and that it is a virtual certainty he will be traded before the July 31 deadline next season. The Padres are seeking at least two young pitchers in return, along with someone who can become the team's everyday center fielder sometime in the immediate to near future.

Peavy's last four years:


30 203.0 1.04 9.6 134
32 202.1 1.23 9.6 99
34 223.1 1.06 9.7 159
37 173.2 1.18 8.6


So here're my offers:

1) Ian Kennedy, J.B. Cox, Austin Jackson.

2) Phil Hughes, Humberto Sanchez, Melky Cabrera

If you were Kevin Towers, would you take either of these deals?  And if you were Brian Cashman would you make either offer?