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No More Than 5 Years for Santana

(if they trade for him at all).

Newsday is reporting that the Yanks are still involved in negotiations for Santana, but they'd be unwilling to go passed five years for his extension.

Steinbrenner acknowledged that there are several concerns that give the Yankees pause about trading for Santana: The high level of players the Yankees would have to give up in a trade, the large and lengthy contract Santana would command (and the effect on the Yankees' payroll), and the fact that not everyone in the organization is thinking the same way.

What is interesting about these articles is that neither the Yanks nor Sox have raised their offers.  It's up to the Twins to make a decision.

As January drags on I suspect we'll see how much influence Cash is going to have with the new regime.  He's got to keep Phil Hughes in pinstripes.

h/t MLB Trade Rumors