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Clemens sues McNamee over Steroid issue

Roger Clemens is suing Brian McNamee now:

Pitching star Roger Clemens has sued his former trainer for making false and defamatory statements about his steroid use that was chronicled by Major League Baseball's Mitchell Report.

The lawsuit, filed in state court in Texas late on Sunday, said Brian McNamee's claims that he repeatedly injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone are not true and exposed Clemens to "public hatred, contempt, ridicule and financial injury."

Did anyone see him on 60 Minutes last night. First of all the editing job they did on him was awful. They clipped every response he made and put it into neat little sound bites. Then he waffled like hell when asked if he would take a lie detector test and complained that it would cost him a lot of "cash" to prove himself innocent if that was even possible. Using the " money line" didn't help you Roger. You've made more money than 99% of any worker in this country. You can see the video of him on 60 Minutes here.  

"Never happened," Clemens says. "Never happened. And if I have these needles and these steroids and all these drugs, where did I get 'em? Where is the person out there gave 'em to me? Please, please come forward.

And that's our country, isn't it? Guilty before innocent. That that's the way our country works now. And then everybody's talking about sue, sue, sue. Should I sue? Well, let me exhaust. Let me just spend. How about, let's keep spending," Clemens says. "But I'm gonna explore what I can do and then I want to see if it's gonna be worth it, worth all the headache."

How about a lie detector test?

"Some say they're good. Some say they're not. Do whatever," Clemens says.

"So as far as you're concerned, you would conceivably?" Wallace asks.

"Yeah. I don't know if they're good or bad," Clemens replies.

"Were you to pass a lie detector test, would that help prove that you're telling the truth and help restore?" Wallace asks.

"Would it?" Clemens says.

"I don't know," Wallace replies.

Apparently he decided that shelling out some money will help clear his name after all. And while a lie detector test isn't valid in a court of law it might help Roger in the court of public opinion. Clemens had to sue Macnemee as far as I'm concerned if he wanted to try and clear his name. I heard a guy from ESPN say that he believes Roger will try to bleed Brian dry because he didn't make 20 million dollars a season and couldn't afford a lengthy defense. That's for you to decide, but the Sports Writer's are pretty much lined up against him.

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