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Cameron on Yankee Radar?

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenhall is reporting that the Yankees are making a push to land centerfielder Mike Cameron.

What? Is it that we haven't yet cornered the market on 35-year-old outfielders, or are we trying to sign every guy suspected or suspended as a result of 'roid abuse?

Although he's suspended for the first 25 games of the 2008 season, I suspect if he's signed he'll free up Melky for shipment elsewhere.

I'm struggling with this one. Melky is just 23, and yes, he seriously struggled at times. But I'd really hate to give up on a guy too soon. According to FOX Sports, Cameron would also allow the Yankees to groom Austin Jackson.

Question: Isn't Jackson kind of cut from the same mold as Melky? Isn't his offense a bit of a question? Why not ship Jackson instead of Melky and forget Cameron?

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