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Wish You Were Here

This series' music selection has nothing to do with the sweep of the Royals.

But let's talk about everyone's favorite 45 year old pitcher:

From the New York Times.

JOE TORRE never heard from Roger Clemens about his side session on Saturday, so he took the unusual step (for him) of sending Clemens an e-mail message this morning. As of hour before the game, Torre said Clemens had not yet replied....

I have no problem if Clemens wants to spend his offdays away from the team (24 and 1?) or if he wants to visit his own doctors (steroids?).

But Clemens should report back when expected to, and (like the Joba rules) Torre shouldn't be feeding the media beast by talking about it.

Right now, the rotation is lined up Pettitte, Clemens, Wang, but if Clemens can't pitch I see two options for the Yankees:

Either have Wang pitch Saturday (5 days rest) and Hughes start Sunday (4 days rest).
Or they could patch together Thursday's game against Baltimore, let IPK start Friday and throw Andy Saturday and Wang Sunday (both 6 days rest).

I think I would prefer the first option.

And I pray that Clemens would admit he is hurt rather than pull a Kevin Brown and take the mound against the Red Sox when he's not up to it. The reality is that's what I expect will happen.