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Live at the Apollo!

I guess I could never be a reporter, because I couldn't stop laughing.

I was listening to the postgame on the radio last night, and someone asked Joe 'Does Joba remind you of Mo in '96?'

Joe's response (paraphrasing slightly): 'No, because we saw Mo everyday, but we have to be careful with Joba because he has such a violent motion.

Maybe it was the obsurdity of the statement at the end of a long day, maybe it was my bedtime mask of Nitrous Oxide, but at that point I just started laughing.  

Does Joe really think that's what the Joba Rules are all about?  Does he not know that the strain for Joba to throw 100 and for me to throw 70 is the same, and that rest between appearances effects pitchers more than pitch counts and radar guns?  Couldn't Luis Vizcaino tell Joe these things?

Or has he chosen to put that face on before the media?  Does he think that this sort of denial is 'good for the team', or will help him deal with the media?

I'm hoping that this is Joe reminding us that he's a cagey veteran who can deflect the media from certain lines of questioning (such as his imminent ouster).  But a part of me suspects that this is what Joe has told himself and this is what he believes.