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Are the Yanks relaxing the "Joba Rules?"

Joe Torre said that they may ease up on the Joba rules as they now stand. Talking to Mike and the MadDog Friday afternoon, Torre said that they still will give him a day off after he pitches, but:

Torre: "I think now after he's been a relief pitcher for a while, we're not going to use him on back to back days at this juncture, but we still have, depending on pitch count, maybe a little more leeway"

You tell me, but I think If he goes two innings now it doesn't mean he'll get two days off if his pitch count is decent.  I would venture a guess and say that down the stretch, we may see a little more of Joba as his arm gets used to being a relief pitcher.  And to address jscape's earlier post, Torre also said that he felt bad he's thought of as the type of manager that burns relief pitcher's out.