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Get Those Stakes Up High

In honor of the Pinstripe Alley Book Club, this series' musical selection is Dead Kennedy's cover of "Viva Las Vegas".

Phil Hughes was solid tonight. He got squeezed by the ump at the plate but helped by the umps on the basepaths.

The radio crew continues to view the offense as 'all or nothing' but I see it as plain deadly. We just pounded one of the best bullpens in the league.
Though, I am gratefull that we only saw JJ Putz once.

We're in control of our own destiny now. And we picked up a game on Boston.

Up next are the Kansas City Royals, who are *not* in last place in the AL Central.

IPK faces off with Gil Meche (WHIP 1.34) who actually comes close to justifying his contract.

Pettitte matches up with emerging staff ace Brian Bannister (1.15).

Wang's start has been bumped up (maybe Cash really does read my opinion). He'll face Zack Greinke (1.30).

The Royals weakness is still their bullpen. I want to see good long ABs from everyone to drive the starters out early.