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The NYPost reports that it was Wang's back that resulted in his early exit.

Wang might not get the Cy Young consideration he did last season, but for a guy who missed the first month, I'd say he's done pretty well for himself.

The Yanks have Mussina scheduled to start Sunday.  Which means they haven't taken my advice to use the travel days on either side of the KC series to skip that spot in the rotation.
If we lose that game expect to hear an angry rant.

This is a topic for the offseason, but if either Damon or Matsui can't learn to play first, why not trade Matsui?  His bat will bring a higher return, the money and years are the same, and Damon is a superior LFer.
The only reason I see to trade Damon is that Damon has a partial no-trade, while Matsui has a full no-trade.

I would like to remind the world that Murray Chase is an idiot.
If the Mets played in the AL they'd be a .500 team at best.