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Time to Break Out the Catch Phrases

Inexcusable is the only word I'm going to use to describe our series loss to the D-Rays.  Not that I expect to beat every bad pitcher every time, but I expect to beat bad pitchers most of the time.

Andy is the only pitcher on the team who is any good at holding runners on, so it's not really a surprise to me that aggressive teams like the D-Rays and Angels are our Kryptonite.

So we move on.

Last week, I was merely satisfied by the sweep of Boston.  This week, I want two out of three from Seattle.

Speaking of which, they're on a nine game skid and still out performing their Pythag by 5 games.

The Rocket leads off against King Felix (1.40 WHIP), then Ace Wang takes on The Other H. Ramirez (1.78), with Phil Franchise wrapping things up against Jarrod "I'm Not as Disappointing as You Would Think" Washburn (1.41).

As John Sterling will no doubt stress ad nauseum these are playoff games.  Nothing else matters at this point.  We've got a magic number for the first time all season after having legitimate reason to suspect the Yankees could be playing out the string in September.

"We play today...."