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Game #159 -- New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Devil Rays

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  CF
Wilson Betemit,  3B
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jason Giambi,  DH
Shelley Duncan,  1B
Robinson Cano,  2B
Jose Molina,  C
Bronson Sardinha,  RF
Alberto González,  SS

Phil Hughes,  RHP  (4-3,  4.80)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Akinori Iwamura,  3B
Jorge Velandia,  2B
Carlos Pena,  1B
B.J. Upton,  CF
Delmon Young,  RF
Greg Norton,  DH
Jonny Gomes,  LF
Dioner Navarro,  C
Josh Wilson,  SS

Scott Kazmir,  LHP  (13-9,  3.54)

Figure this.  Yanks are 16-8 (.667) against the two best teams [record-wise] in MLB (RSN and Tribe), but only 16-16 against the bottom two teams (Orioles and D-Rays).

Hughes was shelled in his lone start against the D-Rays this season (0-1, 8.31).  

Not surprisingly, Kazmir has pitched well against the Yanks during his career but has continuously been the victim of a lack of run support (2-3, 3.20 in 8 games).  This season has been no different (1-0, 3.06 in 3 starts).

Yankee hitters vs. Kazmir can be viewed here.  Rays' hitters vs. Hughes can be viewed here.  

The featured graphic for tonight's game is the cap logo of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

One final thing on last night's postgame celebration.  Joba Chamberlain had the best line of the night, according to Mark Feinsand on his blog this morning:

"Joba gets my favorite line of the night: After having two ice cold beers poured over his head, he shrieked that they were freezing, then said, 'Dude, my nipples are so hard!' Classic."