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Let's Party Like 1999: Yanks grab the Wild Card!

Prince - 1999
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What a wild regular season. This might have been the craziest I've ever seen. And since we've been covering every pitch since Pinstripe Alley started, we've had a front seat documenting the action. There's a lot of work still ahead for the team and Torre has some important pitching decisions to make, but at least we're in the BIG SHOW!

With 50 rookie pitching starts because of injuries and I think it's 506 pitching changes made, a new record, this is sweet! It's a different blend of talent for sure with all the young guys like Joba, Hughes and Duncan being added. Too bad Phillips and IPK got hurt, but Kennedy might be back. Cashman deserves a lot of credit for retooling the bench after he did a horrible job in the off season. Molina was a big pick up too and Congrats to Torre...

Update [2007-9-27 1:32:47 by anaconda]:

I added some images from the postgame celebration.