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Yanks blow five run lead: Lose 7-6

The computer ate my incredibly insightful post just now so I'll just say that this was a painful game to watch. And Edwar has just about pitched himself out of a chance to be part of the bullpen. I know Torre likes him, (I do to) but how can he be trusted at this point with one pitch and no control? He'll have a lot to prove this week. Torre said as much in the post game show just now. He really wants to use Edwar, but is worried that he's lost confidence.

Bruney walks two more batters and gives up a grand slam to a Rook with 28 AB's after giving up an extra inning bomb against Toronto 9/21 for a loss after the Yanks rallied for four runs against Halladay. Karstens has been awful since he came back from his injury also. Since August 2nd, his line is 9.1 IP's, 13 Hits, 13 Runs (10 ER) and 7 BB's.