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Oh Well

We knew going into this series that 3 of 4 was the only acceptable outcome if the Yanks wanted a shot at the division. I can't complain about losses of 1 run (extra innings) and 3 runs today.

Torre was clearly playing for the postseason (auditioning Veras and Ohlendorf, not pitching Mo a third day in a row, bringing Joba in with runners on base for the first time).

While I dreamt of the division, I can't knock that philosphy.

With the magic number down at two we head to a pair of unimportant series.

Over the next six days watch how the rotation gets lined up, how Ohlendorf and Veras pitch, and whether they continue to test Sardhina as a pinch runner.

Those are the factors that will shake out the postseason roster, and they are all that is left for me to care about until October.

No music today unless somebody has a request.

Oh, and if you're as sick of Mike Mussina running his mouth as I am, say 'aye.'