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Yanks lose tough one 5-4 in a marathon

I started this post after Rios clocked Edwar for a two run HR to make it 4-0 in the top of the eighth.

Not a good game for Posada

When a team faces Roy Halladay, it's crucial to score first. In the bottom of the fifth, with one out and runners on second and third, Manky popped the ball down the 1B line, Hill reached over and took the ball away from Matt Stairs, turned around and threw Jorge out by ten feet. Posada is one of the worst base runners I've eve seen, Bowa knows this so I have to wonder what was the point of that move? I understand when a team wants to put pressure on the defense to make a play to get you out, but Posada has been thrown out more times than I can count. That move killed the inning because with Halladay, base runners are a luxury.

Then in the top of the seventh, Posada dropped a perfect throw from Abreu that would have nailed Adams at the plate to keep the second run from scoring.

A very good outing wasted by Wang. If he ever can control the movement on his pitches, he'll easily be a twenty game winner for years to come. He's not bad now...

OK, the Yanks mount an incredible four run comeback topped off by Giambi's single to tie the game. Then came extra innings and the slumping Yankee hitters killed us. We wasted Joba, an inning from Rivera and an inning from Viz. Bruney lost any  chance of getting on the post season roster by giving up a HR to the weak hitting Zaun in the top of the 14th. This is a game they needed to steal. We have to hope for a split unless the bats come alive.