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The Most Important Moment of Last Night's Game

I didn't want to write a piece about the one loss seperating us from the Red Sox. There's no point in wondering what could have been if the ump could have seen that Bloomquist was nowhere near the bag or if Al Reyes could hold a lead.

So let's talk about yesterday's most important moment:
Joba coming in mid-inning.

One of the Joba rules has been that Joba will only start an inning. I don't think this change means he'll be used for single batter matchups in the postseason. I think in the next couple of days we'll see him come into an inning with men on base to work out of a jam.

The postseason lines up this way:
DS A: Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
DS B: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

I don't think the Joba Rule about getting a day off should or will be dropped for the postseason. As you can see, we can count on him for 3 games in Series A and 4 in Series B.