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Does it get any better than this? If we go 7-3, while the Red Sox go 5-4...

It doesn't matter. We're making them sweat. So long as we keep winning all of New England will have one foot on the window sill for the rest of September.

I agree with cbeck's point about lining up for the playoffs before aiming for the division.
Then again, Jeter's looked better since the day I ran a post suggesting he was hurt. If Matsui's swing comes around then I'd have to think hard before sitting them for a couple games. But all the regulars should have two of the next ten games off- just not all at once Torre.

Is there any way to get WB swinging the bat well again?

How do we want the pitching lined up? How do we expect Torre to line it up?

I think Mussina has 'won' himself a postseason start with his performance this weekend. I'd pitch Andy in game one (home or road), but I suspect Torre might go with Wang then Pettitte in deference to the righty-lefty thing.
Depending which series we end up in, you might hear me advocating for a three man rotation in the first round (Pettitte-Wang-Clemens).

But first, another hurdle: those same suddenly deadly Blue Jays.
Each of those matchups seems pretty even. Our pitchers will have to stay sharp for us to keep winning.

And we have to keep winning.

We'll know soon enough.