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Better Late than Never

The Yankees won the season series with the Sox. This means that we only have to tie to take the division.

Just a thought.

Up next comes the Orioles. There's usually a Red Sox hangover, but we don't have time for that. Again. Still.

Hughes, Moose, and Pettitte will throw against Cabrera, Leicester, Burres.
The Moose/ Leicester matchup is the most worrisome. The Yanks have never faced Leicester before and if Mussina manages to pitch even decently we're going to see him in the postseason rotation.

I expect starting Pettitte on Wednesday means they'll skip IPK in the rotation.
This seems like a smart move to me because it buys him extra innings for later in the season.

We're not a perfect team. But we're good enough. Clinch a playoff spot, get hot, get a ring.

It's that simple.