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Game #148 -- New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  LF
Derek Jeter,  SS
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jorge Posada,  C
Hideki Matsui,  DH
Jason Giambi,  1B
Robinson Cano,  2B
Melky Cabrera,  CF

Chien-Ming Wang,  RHP  (18-6,  3.69)

Boston Red Sox

Dustin Pedroia,  2B
Kevin Youkilis,  1B
David Ortiz,  DH
Mike Lowell,  3B
J.D. Drew,  RF
Jason Varitek,  C
Eric Hinske,  LF
Coco Crisp,  CF
Julio Lugo,  SS

Josh Beckett,  RHP  (18-6,  3.27)

Last night's dramatic comeback win was eerily similar to their first meeting of the season, albeit with opposite results.

Yanks have won five-straight games against the Red Sox and lead the season series 9-7 after dropping the first 5 of 6.

Wang has solid overall numbers against the Red Sox (5-4, 4.27 in 10 starts), but he has been especially good this season (3-1, 3.24 in 4 starts).  Beckett has been pounded by the Yanks during his career (3-3, 7.49 in 7 starts) and this season is no different (1-1, 5.49 in 3 starts).

Something here has to give.  Wang is 7-0, 2.83 ERA with 5 days' rest this season while Beckett is 8-1, 2.66 ERA in day games.

Lifetime numbers vs. Beckett:

A-Rod: .300 (6-20, HR)  Jeter: .300 (6-20)  Melky: .368 (7-19)  Cano: .400 (6-15, HR)  Giambi: .385 (5-13, 2 HR)  Posada: .462 (6-13)

While rummaging through enough stats to make my head spin, I found this tidbit to be pretty startling and somewhat demoralizing if you are a member of RSN:

The mighty Red Sox starting pitchers have thrown a grand total of ONE quality start (6 IP, 3 ER or less) against the Yankee offense in 16 games this season (Schilling on 8/30).  Too bad the Red Sox were shutout that game, 5-0.

In case you're wondering, Yankee pitchers have thrown six quality starts against the Red Sox offense (and does not include Kei Igawa's six shutout innings in relief of Jeff Karstens after breaking his leg in the 1st inning).

Finally, the featured graphic for today's game is the 3rd Grade yearbook photo of Red Sox Nation's boy wonder, Theo Nathan Epstein.