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Everyone has noticed that Jeter is not hitting.

I did a little digging.  He bruised his knee in the August 21st game against the Angels.  Since then he's gone 16/73 (.219) with a .287 OBP and only 3 extra base hits (.274 SLG).
He hasn't had a multi-hit game since August 30th when he went 4/4 against the BoSox.

Now I don't want to have to be the guy who tells Derek Jeter he needs a day off for the good of the team, but someone needs to do it.

It won't happen during this crucial series, but when we hit Baltimore Jeter needs to be resting on the bench.

Another point to consider

Josh Beckett has hit only 4 of 745 batters this season.
Is that Joba-esque? Only if he gets tossed sans warning after the second high and tight.

h/t WasWatching.