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Yanks stun Red Sox 8-7 with six runs in the 8th!

Quick notes:

Wow, just wow! If you remember, the Yanks did almost the exact same thing to Boston on that ESPN Sunday night Baseball game three months ago (06/03) the last time they were in Fenway. Okajima gave up the tying run in the 8th and Papelbon gave up the HR to ARod for the loss. I was reminded of that on NESN's post game show with Eck. He does a great job for them.

The Yanks played a horrible game after seven innings. Terrible fielding led by Giambi...Pettite was off...bad base running (Melky sliding into 1B) and no clutch hitting. Does Posada drop a crazy amount of pitches or what?

At that point I pulled out my copy of the third game of the 1998 World Series against San Diego for a little luck. Yea I know, I'm just a wee-bit superstitious.

In the blink of an eye Giambi and Cano bash HR's off of Oki, Melky walks and Damon (4 hits) drives a double in the left field gap. In comes Jonathan to face Jeter and he does what he usually does. Derek fights off a high inside fastball for a little looping base hit for an RBI. Next up: Senor Hustle belts an 86 mph splitter to center to tie the game and he ends up on third. With the infield drawn in, ARod smashes a line drive past the infield for the go ahead run.

I didn't think Viz was going to pitch, but he got through the 8th and Mariano dominated the 9th for the save. This was a huge win because the Tigers won another game and they could have closed to only  three back in the loss column. I'll close with a quote by pfisty :

"Anything better than the "what the f*&k was that?" look on Ellsbury's face after that first pitch?"