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Are the "Joba Rules" still in place?

Joe Torre was stuttering and stammering yesterday on Mike and the Mad Dog after Mike asked him if the Joba Rules were still in place. He said he didn't really know what the exact status was so he was going to check with management. Huh? Now he doesn't know?

Last week he said the rules had changed and indicated that if the young stud pitched two innings he would only need one day of rest. How can  Torre not be sure what the heck he's doing? It looks like he'll only be available for one game against Boston and with Farnsworth's neck bothering him, the Yanks are short handed even further. I think it's getting time for them to lighten up on the kid. It would appear that internally they've given up on the division at this point and are still babying him, hoping that they make the playoffs as the wild card and then they'll ease up on "The Rules."

Viz finally pitched after about nine days of rest and looked pretty good, but who knows how he'll hold up for the rest of the season.

Edwar needed a day off after pitching two strong games against Toronto. It looks like the Yanks are slowly figuring out how to use him. He's throwing more fastballs earlier in the count to set up the great change up he possesses. Ramirez now has 26K's in 16.2 IP's. He's still walking too many batters, but his control has been better since Joe has been forced to pitch the 27 year old more.

Hughes is throwing more fastballs also which seems to have given him some new life even if his velocity is down.

Ian Kennedy was awesome last night. After watching his first two games, I was a little surprised that he was so successful in the minors only hitting 90 mph on the radar gun, but he had great movement on all his pitches last night and baffled the Blue Jays throughout the game.