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Game #147 -- New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Johnny Damon,  DH
Derek Jeter,  SS
Bobby Abreu,  RF
Alex Rodriguez,  3B
Jorge Posada,  C
Hideki Matsui,  LF
Jason Giambi,  1B
Robinson Cano,  2B
Melky Cabrera,  CF

Andy Pettitte,  LHP  (13-8,  3.78)

Boston Red Sox

Julio Lugo,  SS
Dustin Pedroia,  2B
David Ortiz,  DH
Mike Lowell,  3B
Kevin Youkilis,  1B
J.D. Drew,  RF
Jason Varitek,  C
Bobby Kielty,  LF
Jacoby Ellsbury,  CF

Daisuke Matsuzaka,  RHP  (14-12,  4.44)

Despite last night's loss, the starting pitching has been spectacular the last 8 games (5-0, 2.16 ERA).

Pete Abraham reports that both Kyle Farnsworth and Luis Vizcaino are unavailable tonight in addition to Joba Chamberlain.  Vizcaino was "tight" after last night's outing and Farnsworth is out with a bruised labia, errr "stiff neck."  Thanks for helping out, Farnsy!

I guess the hope now is that they rock Dice-K again and the bridge to Mo is not needed -- or -- Pettitte goes 7.0 IP and pin our hopes on Edwar Ramirez doing the job in the 8th inning.

Pettitte has outstanding career numbers against the Red Sox (15-6, 3.32 ERA in 26 starts) and has been solid this season once again despite a bloated ERA (2-1, 4.75 ERA in 4 starts).

Matsuzaka has been roughed up by the Yanks this season (2-1, 6.98 ERA in 3 starts).  He has also sucked badly since Aug 10th (1-4, 9.57 ERA in 5 starts).  Red Sox are just 15-14 in games he has pitched this season.

Yankee hitters vs. Matsuzaka:

Damon:  .400 (4-10, HR)  Jeter:  .444 (4-9, 2 HR)  Giambi:  .600 (3-5)  Posada:  .500 (3-6)  A-Rod:  .167 (1-6)  Abreu:  .000 (0-8)

The featured graphic for tonight's game was the long-time home jersey logo of the Boston Red Sox from 1933 to 1978.