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Baseball Is Like That

"You can't win with a losing hand."

That was heart-wrenching, but I'm not about to complain about and 8-3 September.

At least they didn't drag it into extras and lose sleep and the ball game. You can count me among the 25% of Pinstripers who wrongly thought that the Yankees would win 100 games this season.

The pitching hasn't looked this good in a long time.

Ian Kennedy has been everything I expected. I want to see the entire Trinity in the rotation in April.

Oh yeah...
Did someone say something about playing Red Sox this weekend?

There's no way to hype this any more than it has been. Win and our magic number drops, lose and theirs does. Friday is a matchup of Cy Young could-have-beens: Pettitte vs Matsuzaka.

The Saturday matinee features the understated against the pompous in Wang vs "Play the Game the Right Way" Beckett.

And speaking of pompous, Sunday Night Baseball is a matchup for the aged: Clemens vs Schilling. With all that ego on the mound, I wish Celebrity Death Match were still on the air.

As Bobby would say (and Sterling has parrotted since August without attribution), we've got to "keep on keeping on."